Terry Sarten

Singer Songwriter

Doing a bit for May Music Month

The Urban Angels will be doing their bit for May Music Month with set of all original material at the Sarjeant Gallery on Taupo Quay on May 23rd. Alongside the more well-known songs such as “Angel of Mercy”, “The Man in the Moon” and “Don’t Surrender” the setlist will have new songs written over the past few months.
The Urban Angels are Terry Sarten - guitar and vocals and John Scudder on double bass. The name came about during the first rehearsals when it became apparent that at least four of the songs mentioned angels in some form or other. “Sinners and Saints” for example describes an attempt to persuade an Angel to come out of heaven and go dancing – with mixed results. Another song follows the Angel Gabriel walking the streets, observing life and lamenting that “Even Angels Get the Blues”.

Singer/Songwriter Terry Sarten is often asked to describe or define the style of his music. He finds it best to say that each song as its own musical identity. “Like a family, the songs I write are like siblings. They share a common source but all have their own individual character. Some tell stories and others were born out certain experiences or situation. Terry says he has learned that some of his songs are interpreted by listeners in their own way and so are best left as a puzzle to be solved.

Starting at 4:30pm Sunday afternoon 23rd May the Urban Angels performance will run just over an hour. Tickets are $15 or $10 for Gallery Friends and Stars. They can be purchased at the Sarjeant Shop or by contacting them on 06 – 3490506.
Contact for details: Terry Sarten E: tgs@inspire.net.nz M: 021 – 1516244.

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