Terry Sarten

Singer Songwriter

Terry's Tales

Terry’s songs all have their own stories. Some of these stories are hidden inside the lyrics with the interpretation left to the listener to decide. The song Angel is an example of this. “I have never explained the lyrics to this song because people find their own specific meaning in the words. Other songs are more clearly linked to specific stories. The song. “Waiting on Heaven” was written after performing at a Hospice. “I was not sure what to play for an audience dealing with terminal illness. “It turned out that they enjoyed my songs and talked about the way music prompted memories for them. This experience inspired me to write “Waiting on Heaven’ as a tribute to all those who are waiting on fate. Sometime later I got the opportunity to go back to the Hospice and play this new song to those who had told me their stories and shared their thoughts with me.

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Waiting on Heaven

You can arrive in a Cadillac / Leave on a train / how ever you traveling / you will go just the same
Away down the highway / away down the track/ it’s a one-way ticket / you ain’t coming back

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