Terry Sarten

Singer Songwriter

Songs with Personality

Each song is one part of Terry’s lyrical ‘family’, they have their own individual and unique ‘personalities’ but it is clear from the voice that they are siblings, telling stories and linking the listener to a range of themes and influences. As an experienced singer songwriter, he navigates the songs through the creative stages heading towards that point where they move from scribbles in a notebook to fully formed life on the stage. The resulting songs defy simple categorisations but there is now denying the way they connect with audiences. Terry Sarten’s song collection includes one in which the narrator is asking an angel out on a date to go dancing. The lyric outlines part of the pitch to woo the angel but it is clear that she remains somewhat sceptical about his intentions and whether she can get back into Heaven on time.

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Don’t Surrender

Guard your heart / From the start / That’s the part / Will lead you astray / Guard you heart / From the start / That’s the part / You must obey / Don’t surrender / Don’t surrender your heart / Don’t surrender / Don’t surrender your heart / Don’t Surrender

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