Terry Sarten

Singer Songwriter

The Power of the Idiocracy

The world has seen rule by the aristocracy, the rise of meritocracy, democracy, autocracy, anarchy, bureaucracy, not so much of angelocracy (government by angels) lots of despotocracy and now we can add Idiocracy to the list. Idiocracy is an actual a word.
It means personal rule; self-rule but does share some of the traits with foolocracy (government by fools) and infantocracy which is the name for government by an infant. That last is in some ways an insult to infants who have good developmental reasons for throw their toys out of the cot whereas adults do not.
Leading as the best/worst example of the New Idiocracy is the US President Donald Trump, with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson coming in a close second. How did the so called, Free World, end up being lumbered with these two is hard to understand. It’s not as if the penchant for lying and narcissist preening is anything new. Both men have been doing it for years. Johnson has been fired for lying, Trump has fired lots of people for not agreeing with his lies.
The evolving Idiocracy is build on these lies and reinforced with ignorance. Let’s pick a problem – hmmm – perhaps a pandemic that is killing thousands of people in your country – that’s only a problem of you acknowledge it. If you say things like, “It will go away” or ‘none of this is my responsibility” then it is solved and disappears in a puff of logic.
The other trick of the true Idiocrasy is to create a diversion. If a leading advisor disregards the ‘stay home, stay safe’ advice that you had a part in designing which then results in the general population also disregarding the lockdown rules then it is important to quickly find something else that will divert people away from the fact that you have let one man undermine your entire national strategy to restrict the spread of Covid-19. It maybe that Cummings shares the narcissistic traits of his boss Boris Johnson, believing he is in the right – like the driver seeing all the cars coming towards him on a one-way street and thinking they must all be wrong as he cannot be wrong. Such people are very dangerous and should never be allowed anywhere near public office or power.
The tricky part of getting rid of such people is they believe their own hype and will resort to anything to keep power. Laughing at them is one way to humiliate them but this makes them mad and even more dangerous.

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