Terry Sarten

Singer Songwriter


Not that essential

Here in New Zealand, we are fortunate to be able to play music and play sport to crowds of spectators. We realise this is a rare thing in the age of Covid. Being an island nation at the bottom of the world does have its advantages. We have been able to decide who can come into the country. This has been based on prioritising essential workers. Read More…

Riot at the Pearly Gates

There was a riot at the Pearly Gates. A bunch of those heading heavenward arrived at the entrance to find no one on duty. They sat down to wait figuring if patience is considered a virtue then that was what they could do.
Half an hour went by and no one came. A couple went over and banged on the Pearly Gates and shouted ‘is anybody there” before falling into embarrassed whispers about whether that was a bit sinful. Read More…

DJ’s mistaken for musicians

I have been getting around various local venues checking out the performance scene and find that on enquiry about live music I am told that they get in a DJ. Thinking a DJ is a musician is mistaking the ability to plug in a computer with being able to play an instrument or sing. DJ’s play records /sample songs / do remixes they do not compose or actually play the songs. Read More…

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